The Apple Cider Song

I met an old man on the side of the road,
He wasn’t wearing the nicest clothes,
But he was selling apple cider by the glass.
It was the sweetest that I’d ever tried,
And so I asked him for his advice,
He said, “I’ll share with you the secret of my success.”

You’ve gotta find the good trees first,
Pick the apples, and avoid the worms
And then when it comes time to bottle that cider,
You know that it’ll quench your thirst.

Well, he seemed to be quite wise
And then that sparkle in his eyes
When his wife walked up, you knew they were in love.
I wondered how he’d met his match,
He said he just picked the best one in the patch,
Said, “you know, it’s just like that cider I was speakin’ of.”

You’ve just gotta find all the good trees first,
Look for apples and avoid the worms
Don’t be scared to try a bunch, ‘cause there’ll be one with a crunch
That’s like the main course and the dessert.

It made sense to me, and then they said
They had some kids, overseas
And so I asked him did he worry that they’d make they’re way.
And, would you believe?
He said it’s just like them apple trees,
If you grow them right, you know they’ll be OK.

You’ve just gotta put your roots down first,
Protect those apples from the worms
Then when harvest time says that they are ripe
You’ve gotta let ‘em gently fall to earth.

He was the wisest man I’d seen,
And he shared with me his life’s philosophy….

You’ve just gotta climb all the good trees first
Eat the apples, and spit out the worms,
And then when it comes time to say goodbye,
You’ll be sure to do it on good terms.

copyright Heather Johnson 2007.