Favourite Addiction

You're stronger than wine, but smoother than coke,
Go down way better than an after dinner smoke,
You are the rush of heroine without the needle's poke,
You're my favourite addiction.

You're hotter than hot sauce, sweeter than candy,
Rich as royal jelly from the honeybee.
I want more, I want more - I'm down on my knees,
'Cause you're my favourite addiction.

Some would say I've lost my grip.
Some say I've lost my way.
But man, it's sure a wild trip,
I think I'm here to stay.

Your touch has more bang than an electrical shock,
Your bite is just like what I get from bourbon on the rocks,
Your dividends are way better than the hottest stock,
'Cause you're my favourite addiction.

You are the roller coaster ride and the funhouse all rolled up in one,
You're like running through a field without a shred of clothing on,
You are Russian roulette with a half-loaded shotgun,
But hey, you're my favourite addiction.

Please come see me one more time,
I'm jonesin' something fierce.
I'd do anything, spend my very last dime,
Just come on over here....

You're the thrill of a lead foot down at the race track,
More potent than the very best aphrodisiac,
You are the cupcake that finally caused my heart attack,
But you're my favourite addiction.

You are that one last poker game - this time I swear I'm gonna win,
You are the one more drink before my sober life begins,
Oh, it's a losing battle, but here I go again,
You're my favourite addiction.
Oh, you're my favourite addiction.
I just can't get enough... shoot me up with your love...
'Cause you're my favourite addiction, my favourite addiction.

copyright Heather Johnson 2006.