How Wonderful You Are

I hope you never have to cry because you're cold,
And though your hair turns grey, I hope you never do grow old,
And when that sun shines down upon your pretty face,
You'll know how lucky you are.

I hope you always keep the wind at your back,
And never feel the need to make excuses for what you lack.
And when you reach the summit, with a few more scrapes and scars,
You'll know how strong you are.

Your voice may be the softest, it might be brighter than the stars,
But your story is important because it makes you who you are.

I hope your friends know they can always count on you,
And that you say, "I love you." when you know it is true,
And when the love you send out all comes flooding back to you,
You'll know how wonderful you are.
Oh, I hope you know how wonderful you are.

copyright Heather Johnson 2006.