I Believe in Dreams

When I was a girl, I believed in dreams
If I really tried, they'd come true it seemed.
When I grew up my life became one broken record's song,
Couldn't dream up a new tune, I could only sing along.

Well, I know you've been right here, but I just couldn't see
Your spirit and your charm standing right in front of me.
When you called my name, you took me by surprise,
My whole adult world was compromised.

And when I close my eyes I only see your face,
And all my worries disappear without a trace...

Now that I can see, I'm not so naive,
Sometimes it is youth that really knows what to believe
I feel ten feet tall, and I can't shake off this grin,
'Cause I think I believe in dreams again.

My whole world has changed, it's a whole new state I'm in
'Cause I think I believe in dreams again.
I think I believe in dreams again.

copyright Heather Johnson 2009.