from Vice: from Versa:
1. Trouble
let me introduce myself...
1. Papaya, Papaya
sometimes actions speak louder than words
2. Hush Hush
keeping a secret
2. I Don't Believe Me Anymore
sometimes I doubt my own reasoning
3. Knocked My Socks Off
couldn't resist this one - it wrote itself!
3. I Believe in Dreams Again
restored faith in love
4. Born to Travel
wanderlust - if you can't beat 'em, leave 'em - ?
4. Fly Away, Little Bird
reluctantly letting go when you know you have to
5. Billie's Song
addressed to Billie Holiday
5. Restless
yeah, I don't like sleeping or sitting still
6. Music (You're My First Love)
my most important relationship
6. I Don't Blame You
letting go of a situation there was no
control over in the first place
7. Me and the Bottle
sometimes you have to admit defeat
7. Apple Cider Song
it's amazing what you can learn from apples
8. Broken Ones
a twisted personals ad?
8. Intoxicating
one of very few love songs i've written
(well, infatuation anyway)
9. Favourite Addiction
vices in competition- but there's a clear winner
9. Speechless
10. Barflies
about some barflies I've met, some I made up.
10. Silly Boy/Silly Girl
co-write with Steve Pineo; love is great while it's all in your head
11. Wild Things (Just Have to Be Free)
tragic story i predicted - will let you know if it comes true
11. Baby, It's Late
a Trina Nestibo song about late-night lust
12. Damsel in Distress
a 'tongue in cheek' look at gender politics
12. When You're Smilin/Smile Medley
medley of some fave jazz standards




from first blush: new/unrecorded stuff:  
1. Synesthesia
a 'romanticized' view of this
A Day to Remember
wedding song for my sister
2. Stolen Time
an impending but delayed ending.
Dance With Me, Dad
I used to brag about being able to get my shy dad to dance


3. Slugger
pick me, pick me - not that I care...
Doo Wah Diddy Voodoo Daddy
N'Awlins silliness! written with Stu Davies


4. Not Gonna Settle
my philosophy - too many people do
How Wonderful You Are
what I hope for


5. Portrait
prolonged snapshot of a moment
I Can't Stop
a sing-along


6. Been the Same
what love should be but usually isn't
- stable
It's All Right Here
sometimes you don't see what's in front of you


7. Snow Angels
futility & desperation in a cold climate
want to know what a real monster is? I'll tell ya


8. Cowboy Dreamin'
city daydream
Never Lost at Love (Before)
ouch - losing's never fun


9. Bandage
I think we've all functioned as a
bandage at least once
Pour Another Ounce of Rum
(in the Eggnog
Blush-style holiday song


10. The Web
wily woman weaves web of temptation
the rain washes all the tension away


11. I'm Alive
bitch, bitch - but really, there's hope
what happens when you keep banging
your fists against the wall?


12. Wakulla
(sorry, it's an instrumental)
(You Feel Like) Home to Me
sometimes home is not a location