Silly Boy/Silly GirlSilly boy, you didn't see me struttin' in,
You silly boy, oh how I love your silly grin
It's all lopsided, while you tell tales that never fail
To wow your friends.

You silly girl - yes, I saw you walking by
You silly girl, but I just kept it on the sly
Why try to hide it? Why play it cool and feel the fool
When summer ends?

What in the world is stopping us?
Why don't we make a little fuss?
It's better than just collecting dust,
Come on, let's give it a whirl.

You silly girl, I saw you peeping once again,
You silly girl, you've got a thing for silly men,
My reputation must proceed me,
Do you need me to say more?

Silly boy - there's no need to elaborate,
You silly boy, 'cause I already took the bait,
So just stop talkin',
You'll get a glimpse of what those lips are really for.

Fools rush in, I've heard it said
Where heavenly angels fear to tread,
No need to be angels 'til we're dead,
Come on, let's give it a whirl,
'Cause seriously, it's nice to be a silly boy and girl.

copyright Heather Johnson/Steve Pineo 2009.