This is your one and only chance
To turn this thing into a romance
You'd better step up to the plate, get ready for the swing...
Come on slugger - you're up to bat.

Well, in case you didn't hear -
This time I'll make sure that it's clear
This is the last chance that you'll have to make yourself my man
You'd better make your move before I disappear.

Well, they say the third time's the charm
So I suppose that it won't do any harm
To give you one more try, but hurry up, time's going fast
Come on over, and help me stay warm

Listen buster, what's it gonna take?
Can't you see this is a big mistake you're makin'?
'Cause I know how to throw a party, and hey just check out this body...
Not a thing on it is fake.

Aw, who am I kidding? I'm obsessed
You know I just can't seem to give it a rest
The fans in Mudville have all gone home...
Guess I can't play the field all on my own...

I'm battin' "oh" for one so far, but I'm doin' my best

copyright Heather Blush 2002.